• Defence Turkey Issue 107

Volume 15 - Year 2021

Turkish Naval Air Command Celebrates 107th Anniversary on 25th June, 2021 

As Defence Turkey Magazine, we are delighted to present the Turkish Naval Air Command Special edition to our readers. You can find detailed articles & exclusive interviews about Turkish Naval Air Command in this issue. 

• Turkish Naval Aviation Comprehensive Article: A close look at the past and present of the Naval Aviation that stands out as a vital element and a force multiplier for the Turkish Naval Forces, its expectations and goals as well as its ongoing activities and projects.

• Interview with Naval Aviation Commander: With the special authorization granted by the Ministry of National Defense (MoND), Defence Turkey Magazine visited Topel Naval Aviation Main Base Command in Kartepe, Kocaeli, and we talked about the present and future of Turkish Naval Forces Naval Aviation Commander.

• Interview with Naval Maintenance Commander: The maintenance / overhaul/repair activities of air platforms of different types and features in the Naval Aviation Group Command's inventory are executed at the highest level by the Naval Aviation Maintenance Command located at Topel Naval Aviation Main Base Command. During our visit to Topel Naval Air Main Base Command, the center where "Operations, Training, Logistics and Maintenance" activities are carried out in an integrated manner, we had a brief interview with the Naval Air Maintenance Commander on the history of the Command, the maintenance / overhaul/repair services provided for the air platforms in the inventory within the framework of the Base Level Maintenance Concept, and the activities carried out to further improve the existing maintenance, repair and maintenance infrastructure

Defence Turkey Issue 107

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